Welcome to Through My Lenz Photography


Through My Lenz is a small business owned and operated by me, Shannon Rivera, I am located at 50 Main Street North Reading. I opened the doors to my studio in October 2013. TML started in a small space in the basement of 50 Main St and in just one year expanded studio space within the same building. It is truly a blessing to have so many wonderful clients to have made this move not only a dream come true but a reality. We offer photography for Weddings, Engagements, Newborn , Children and Family portraiture.

A little about me!

My name is Shannon Rivera, I am an extremely proud mother of my son Zachary and wife to my husband Rey. Without these two in my life this all would not be possible. They both love the passion I have for my work and support me all the time.

Photography is not just a picture that anyone can take if they have a good camera. It is an art, a creatives work, a piece of life happening at this moment. I give my all when capturing life at its now and creating an art that you will cherish for an eternity! It is a piece of you and your family that will be passed on for decades. As a professional photographer I don't just take pictures! I create meaningful memories and stop time at that moment for you to cherish for a lifetime.

Why am I a photographer? I am a photographer because I love to be a creative and artist! I am passionate about my art and present that in my images. I specialize in Newborn and family portraiture, Newborn photography is where my heart is! I have been trained by the worlds most prestigious Newborn Photographers such as Kelly Brown, Heidi Hope, Erin Hoskins, Kerry Cook, Twig and Olive, Julia Kelleher and many more. As one of my many trainings I attended the Baby Summit USA which was a three day 7am-5pm seminar expanding my education on newborn photography. "When I hold my camera and look Through My Lens, I immediately enter a world of endless opportunity. I enter a world that only surrounds me with positive energy, peace, tranquility and the beauty of what stands in front of me." There is an endless amount of creativity that captivates me while capturing special moments.